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Staff and pupils at Bassingbourn Village College celebrate continued Ofsted success

A recent Ofsted visit has found that Bassingbourn Village College, part of Anglian Learning, has maintained its ‘Good’ rating, with the college receiving praise for its ‘happy and safe environment’ that ‘pupils are proud to be part of.’ Staff and pupils at Bassingbourn Village College are celebrating a consecutive ‘Good’ report after their latest Ofsted inspection in April 2023. According to the report, pupils at the school are: “well mannered, polite and respectful” and “encouraged to deepen their understanding of the wider world and make positive contributions to the community.” Vickey Poulter, Principal at Bassingbourn Village College, said: “We are delighted that this report recognises our school’s high aspirations and love of learning and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our core values of respect, resilience and responsibility. A huge congratulations are owed to our dedicated colleagues, students and families whose efforts have allowed us to secure the recognition we deserve.” The secondary school’s curriculum was described as “ambitious for all” and the report highlights how “specialist subject leaders have identified, in detail, what pupils need to know. They have carefully sequenced the order of learning. This means that, over time, pupils add additional layers of knowledge to what they already know.” Ms Poulter continued: “I am thrilled to see that the report has recognised our pupils’ respect and care for one another, as “they celebrate each other’s successes and work together to overcome difficulties.” Our ambitious curriculum and high-quality teaching inspire our students to believe in themselves and realise their potential.” The report applauded leaders…

Anthony Browne, MP, visits Bassingbourn Village College

On Friday 13th January, Anthony Browne, the Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire, visited Bassingbourn Village College. During his visit, Mr Browne had the opportunity to meet with a number of the Student Ambassadors to discuss the projects they have been working on in school.  The Environmental Ambassadors outlined the recycling initiative they had introduced, their ambition for the school to achieve a no single use plastic school policy and the obstacles that would need to be overcome, as well as future plans to plant 60 saplings on the school site. Mr Browne shared how the environment is an issue that he is very passionate about, having previously worked as the environmental editor for both The Observer and The Times prior to becoming an MP.  He explained to the students how the Climate Change Act commits the UK government to have zero emissions by 2050 and it is vital that students, like themselves, educate, understand and drive change to make this happen. Before his meeting with the Student Ambassadors, Mr Browne spent time with the Principal, Ms Poulter, who shared the Bassingbourn Village College core values of Respect, Resilience and Responsibility; emphasising how we feel as a school, the importance of developing leadership skills in students through initiatives such as School Council and Student Ambassadors ensuring students leave as respectful and responsible members of the community.   Ms Poulter, Principal commented: “It was a pleasure to show Mr Browne around the school.  I am very proud of the team here at Bassingbourn Village College and the…

Environmental Conference

Schools discuss vulnerability of the Antarctic at COP27 event On Wednesday 16th November, 9 students from Bassingbourn Village College joined 13 other local schools at Sawston Village College for a special youth COP27 climate conference. Keynote speaker on the day was Dr Simon Morley, from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).  Dr Morley shared with the conference how the research conducted by BAS informs and reinforces what actions are required to protect the Antarctic as well as the impact this has to the global climate. To understand the complexities of global cooperation, the next segment of the conference was run as if the students were taking part in global negotiations.  Each school was assigned a country and asked to prepare in advance opening arguments on the main environmental issues facing the country, ideas on how they could overcome them, as well as make a request of an allocation from the Climate Resilience Fund of £100billion.  Countries then voted on what proposals they would consider.  Bassingbourn Village College, represented Bangladesh, and reached the final five proposals. However, when it came to the required unanimous decision, all five were unable to achieve a unanimous vote.  Dr Morley, explained to the students that this is a current challenge facing global cooperation with climate decisions and allocation of resources, and that all countries have to agree but very rarely do. The final stage of the conference was to provide the students with the opportunity to discuss how they can impact change to their own communities.  Students explored ideas such as recycling initiatives and green…

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