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Staff and pupils at Bassingbourn Village College celebrate continued Ofsted success

A recent Ofsted visit has found that Bassingbourn Village College, part of Anglian Learning, has maintained its ‘Good’ rating, with the college receiving praise for its ‘happy and safe environment’ that ‘pupils are proud to be part of.’

Staff and pupils at Bassingbourn Village College are celebrating a consecutive ‘Good’ report after their latest Ofsted inspection in April 2023. According to the report, pupils at the school are: “well mannered, polite and respectful” and “encouraged to deepen their understanding of the wider world and make positive contributions to the community.”

Vickey Poulter, Principal at Bassingbourn Village College, said: “We are delighted that this report recognises our school’s high aspirations and love of learning and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our core values of respect, resilience and responsibility. A huge congratulations are owed to our dedicated colleagues, students and families whose efforts have allowed us to secure the recognition we deserve.”

The secondary school’s curriculum was described as “ambitious for all” and the report highlights how “specialist subject leaders have identified, in detail, what pupils need to know. They have carefully sequenced the order of learning. This means that, over time, pupils add additional layers of knowledge to what they already know.”

Ms Poulter continued: “I am thrilled to see that the report has recognised our pupils’ respect and care for one another, as “they celebrate each other’s successes and work together to overcome difficulties.” Our ambitious curriculum and high-quality teaching inspire our students to believe in themselves and realise their potential.”

The report applauded leaders for creating an environment that encourages pupils to take ownership of their learning and personal growth stating: “Leaders prepare pupils well for the next stage of their lives. Pupils follow a well-planned careers programme from Year 7. This provides clear information and guidance on the full range of academic, technical and vocational options. Pupils make well-informed choices, successfully moving on after school.”

Ms Poulter added: “Our students and staff are encouraged to foster a sense of responsibility for themselves, others and the wider community, which has also been captured throughout the report, particularly in the recent climate conference they attended. Initiatives like this, as well as our wide range of extra-curricular activities help pupils to nurture their interests play a fundamental role in ensuring our pupils are responsible leaders.”

The report references the school’s strong personal development programme that helps pupils learn about and understand important issues stating: “They provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities, and these are well attended, including by disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND. They help pupils to nurture existing interests, as well as encouraging pupils to take up something new.”

Jonathan Culpin, CEO of Anglian Learning, said: “I am proud of all pupils, staff, parents and governors at Bassingbourn Village College who have worked together to achieve this glowing report. We are delighted that the school is putting our Anglian Learning values into practice and demonstrating our commitment to creating empowered, successful and engaged learners who are thriving in their education.”


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