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Pastoral Care

We provide caring and responsive pastoral support which puts the needs of our pupils at its centre. We work in partnership with parents to help all pupils develop positive relationships and learn to cope with the issues that they face. Students build strong relationships with their tutor and Achievement Leader for their year group.  The College is very proud of its small and friendly community. Our aim is to encourage students to become confident, responsible and independent members of society.


The students were fascinated by the story of Helen Keller. They were astonished that someone who had been blind and deaf from the age of 18 months old and unable to communicate, could graduate from college with high honours. She spent her life working to improve education for blind, deaf and mute. Her determination to achieve against the odds was the reason we chose to name our college after Helen Keller. As one student said ‘..she is inspirational, if she can succeed , so can we….’.

Luther King

Luther King College was named after the Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King Junior. We are proud to be called Luther King College as we chose the name for his inspirational life and his example of tolerance and co-operation. We are equally proud to be named for his willingness to forgive but also to refuse to bow down to bigotry and unfairness. ‘We find these truths to be self-evident’.


Named after the legendary England World Cup winning Captain of 1966, Bobby Moore.

As Captain of England, he was seen and still is seen as a beacon of fairness and dedication as well as determination.

These are the attributes and strengths that make Moore College the college it is. We believe that as a college we need to work hard and play hard. We need to show compassion for fellow travellers and respect for all – regardless of what college they are in.


Shakespeare College was named after the great poet and author William Shakespeare. The works of Shakespeare have been read and studied by adults and students alike for generations. Shakespeare’s collection of plays and sonnets has stood the test of time and appeal to a wide and diverse audience. His ability to write comedy as well as thought provoking drama is surely an inspiration to any student at Bassingbourn Village College. These are the reasons we chose him to represent our College.

Core Purpose:

To know all our students as individuals. To provide a wide variety of opportunities and experiences through a personalised curriculum and support. To ensure rapid and sustained progress within a kind, caring and close family environment. To nurture individuals to have high aspirations, a love of learning and to become confident, responsible and independent members of society prepared for life and work in the 21st century.

Bassingbourn Village College

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