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Options Process

During Year 8, Bassingbourn students make their decisions about which GCSE and vocational courses they want to study further. We feel that with the increased content of the reformed GCSEs that it is important to give our students the most amount of time to study these courses and have the best chance at achieving their potential so our students start their GCSE and vocational courses in Year 9.

The students will complete work in PSHE to learn about the different types of courses available and follow a programme of events designed to give them as much information about their opportunities as possible.

The video below explains the process that students will follow.  The information needed to support students in the Options Process can be found in the Year 8 Classroom on Google Classrooms.



If you have any queries please contact Rebecca Hields, Assistant Principal (Transition & Curriculum),  on 01763 242344 or rhields@bassingbournvc.org.

The timeline students will follow is:

Date What will be happening?
Thursday 30th March Planning for the future launch

A video explaining the process, the blocks and the options book will be available on the school website.

Subject videos will be available in the Year 8 Classroom on Google Classroom.

Until Friday 21st April During lessons your teachers and the heads of departments will be talking to you about the subjects and what to expect from your courses.  Your mentors will also show you some of the videos about the different subjects.
Monday 24th April Students get access to the Options application form through Google Classrooms.
Monday 20th April – Friday 5th May Planning for the future discussions

Alongside discussions with their mentors, students who feel that they need more guidance can request to have a 1:1 meeting to talk through their choices with a senior member of staff.

Wednesday 10th May Deadline for the Planning for the future application forms. All forms should be submitted to Google Classroom by today at 3.20pm
June onwards Selected students will be called in for further discussions if an inappropriate combination has been chosen, a course does not run or if courses are oversubscribed.
July onwards Students made aware of provisional allocations. Allocations are subject to appropriate staffing being available.


This is an important time and it is essential that you find out as much information about a course as possible before choosing it.

Remember to think about the following:

  • Will it be interesting to me?
  • What will it lead to in the future?
  • Will it fit with my future plans?
  • Will it suit my learning preference?
  • How will it be assessed?


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