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Our Inclusion Department aims to provide a welcoming and friendly area for students. We have a strong team of Teaching Assistants who try to ensure that students who are entitled to support are able to access the curriculum. Needs are identified and met wherever possible within the classroom and the use of differentiated resources and strategies are targeted to the individual.

We offer additional support such as:

  • Key stage 3 students (years 7, and 8) may have the opportunity to work in small groups to address literacy and numeracy difficulties.
  • Programmes devised by external specialists can be implemented if needed, for example speech and language exercises or dyslexic support.
  • Mentoring – each Teaching Assistant is responsible for a small number of Statemented and School Action Plus students. They meet with them on a regular basis and on some occasions help them with any difficulties they may be experiencing.
  • BESD (Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties) – students have access to a variety of outside agencies. Mentoring sessions are carried out by the Student Support Service, referrals are made to Camh team (Child and adolescent Mental Health), the school nurse or our in-house Youth Worker are all available.

We also have Room 46 within the Inclusion Department, which provides a pleasant environment for students to work in for periods of time. It is a well-equipped resource area with computers and interactive technology.

At lunchtime, Room 46 is an area for students that we work with to socialise and make friends, usually the latest dvds are being shown too!. We have a number of activities taking place which are usually initiated by the students.

Our SEN Information report is available Here

Ms Wells, our SENCO, deals with all Inclusion enquiries and is available to speak or meet with parents on any issues of SEN concerning their son or daughter.   She can be contacted via telephone or email: awells@bassingbournvc.org

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