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Bassingbourn Village College is a non-selective comprehensive school with an agreed admissions number of 125 from September 2015. This figure, which is published in the prospectus, is reviewed each year by the Governors. Anglian Learning is the admissions authority as we are part of the Trust, however we follow the Local Authority arrangements regarding admissions and appeals. The designated catchment area is made up of the villages served by the four named primary schools (Bassingbourn Primary School, Guilden Morden Primary School, Steeple Morden Primary School, Petersfield Primary School), but admission numbers are made up by students from outside these schools. Should applications exceed the agreed admissions number however, the following admissions criteria will be applied:

Oversubscription criteria :  The criteria in this section apply to entry at all year groups of the school.

Any child with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Needs naming the school will be admitted regardless of numbers.

The remaining places will be given to those children who meet the criteria set out below, in priority order:
1.   Children In Care*, sometimes known as Looked After Children*, and previously Looked After Children.
2.   Children who live in our catchment, who attend one of our feeder* schools, and who have a sibling* already here.
3.   Children who live in our catchment, and who have a sibling already here.
4.   Children who live in our catchment and attend one of our feeder schools.
5.   All other children who live in our catchment.
6.   Children of school staff members *
7.   Children who live outside our catchment but attend one of our feeders and already have a sibling here.
8.   Children who live outside our catchment but have a sibling here.
9.   Children who live outside our catchment but attend one of our feeder schools.
10. Any other children, ranked according to distance*.

*Please see notes referred to in our Admissions Policy which can be found here:  Policies | Bassingbourn Village College (bassingbournvc.net)

Year 7 and Year 9 (for 3 tiered authorities )

Transitions round – all applications are made through the home Local Authority where the parent pays their Council Tax – irrespective of where the school is located. The national closing date for these applications is 31st October.

Cambridgeshire County Council Admissions website :https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/children-and-families/schools-&-learning/apply-for-a-school-place/

If you live in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire and wish to apply for a place for year 7 in September, please visit the admissions website for your Local Authority:

Hertfordshire: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/schools-and-education/school-admissions/secondary-and-upper-schools/secondary-and-upper-school-places.aspx.

Bedfordshire: https://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/info/5/school_admissions 


In Year Admissions – all year groups for immediate places (or for within 6 teaching weeks) all applications should be made directly to Cambridgeshire County Council.


Telephone: 0345 045 1370
Email: admissions@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Primary Liaison

Bassingbourn Village College enjoys very effective relationships with its four main feeder primary schools:

Bassingbourn Primary School

Guilden Morden Primary School

Petersfield Primary School, Orwell

Steeple Morden Primary School

A varied menu of activities ensures that the College has a great deal of information about each and every student transferring from the feeder primary schools which enables us to effectively plan and manage the move from Year 6 into Year 7.

A copy of our Admissions Policy can be found on our Policies page

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