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Coronavirus Update

We would like to reassure parents that all measures are being taken to ensure our pupils and staff are kept safe and we are following government guidance from Public Health England. We are reminding students of hygiene practices are displaying posters in toilets showing effective hand washing procedures.  We also have sanitizer in the first aid room and reception. Regarding school trips, we are continuing to follow Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) guidance for travel  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus.  Claiming for cancellation of a school trip to an insurer is only possible if the FCO have advised against travel to the planned destination or if a cancellation is outside of your control e.g. a flight is cancelled.   All our planned trips abroad will therefore go ahead as planned unless we are advised by the FCO that travel is not permitted.  If that is the case, then we will contact parents directly.    If individual parents wish to withdraw their child from a trip abroad and the FCO has placed no restrictions on travel to the destination, then the parents will lose all the funds paid. A reminder that up to date government guidance can be found on their website - visit https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus  The latest travel guidance can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public Further information on what you should do if you are asked to self-isolate can be found here: https://publichealthmatters.blog.gov.uk/2020/02/20/what-is-self-isolation-and-why-is-it-important/ There is also a Government Coronavirus action plan which can be found on their website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-action-plan The document includes: ·         what we know about the virus and the disease it causes ·        …

Stunning Cathedral trip

As part of Curriculum Day, Year 9 students went on a humanities trip to Ely to take part in a variety of activities based on Art, RE, History or Geography. Lottie Bond describes the trip: After a coach ride from Bassingbourn to Ely, each group started the morning differently - my group began in the stained-glass museum that was inside the Cathedral. We began by learning centuries-old techniques used by monks to create the windows, how they made different colours and why they were made. After the workshop we began touring around the museum. On every wall were stunning patterns and designs displaying pictures depicting anything from biblical stories to images of monarchs commissioned by kings themselves. Art students took particular interest in the museum as their next scheme of learning will be incorporating some of the art styles and techniques seen there, but everyone else still enjoyed the experience. My group next ventured downstairs, into the main part of the Cathedral. With ceilings as higher than they were wide, it is an understatement to say we, including the staff, were amazed with the beauty of it all. As we entered, both the ceilings and the walls were decorated with intricate designs showing biblical stories, including the Nativity, the Easter story and the Ascension. While we were all stunned at the cathedral itself, we were kept interested by our tour guide, who not only taught us about common Christian teachings but also opened up theological discussions into the nature of God, which I, as an…

Student voice is loud and clear

The tradition of producing good public speakers from BVC has continued with another of our students being awarded a Best Speaker award. The English Speaking Union's Churchill school's public speaking competition attracts entries from over 400 schools in England each year, with the Cambridge branch competition being hosted at Bassingbourn this week. Seven teams from four schools competed against each other - Bassingbourn and Bottisham Village Colleges, St Mary's, Cambridge and St Bede's Inter-Faith school - with teams from Bassingbourn and St Bede's winning their way through to the branch final. Bassingbourn fielded two teams, photographed above with English teacher and public speaking coach Mrs Rebecca Boxall. BVC team A comprised Katie Cheeseright, Ciara Free and Archie Lievesley with Katie choosing to speak on the proposal that 'The #MeToo movement has instilled fear rather than empower people'. Special mention must be made of Ciara who stepped in with just 20 minutes notice and impressed the judged with her confidence and calm manner. BVC team B - Jon Cheeseright, Matt Gilliland and Fraser Clapham - won through to the next round with Fraser speaking on the controversial proposal that 'Recycling is a waste of time'. Following in the footsteps of former BVC students Ed Evans and Iain Lynn, Fraser also scooped the main award of the evening - Best Speaker. This is the third consecutive year that BVC has won this award. The Churchill district final will be held at Hills Road Sixth Form College on Thursday, 6th February. Year 9 students showed great promise at…

Recycling project sorted!

A student-led recycling project has received the backing of the BVC Parents and Friends Association. Annie Safford, a year 11 student and Head of Luther King, launched an environmental awareness programme across the college as part of her role on the Student Council. Last term saw a number of quizzes take place with information posters placed in classrooms and public areas of the college to reinforce the importance of recycling to students. Annie said: “I have been working with our subject ambassadors to raise money for recycling bins which are badly needed in the college. “I think that having recycling bins would be a big step towards making the school much more sustainable and would be greatly appreciated by everyone.” When the PFA was approached to see if a cash contribution could be made toward the bins, they immediately agreed to buy ALL the bins for the student council – enabling the project to be completed much sooner than expected. Ann Lynn, acting Chairman of the PFA, said: “We were very impressed by how hard Annie and the rest of the school council have worked to raise awareness of sustainability and recycling in the school. Annie’s request for funding was one which we felt we could whole-heartedly endorse and unanimously agreed to pay for all the bins.” Vickey Poulter, BVC Principal, added: “We are very grateful to both the school council and to the Parents and Friends Association for their hard work and financial support for this project. I think that Annie in particular should…

Interview advice for Year 11s

As they approach the interview season for post-16 choices, Year 11 students were each given a mock interview session to help them prepare for their big day. The one-to-one interviews were conducted by volunteers from local businesses who spent time with each student, getting to know them and gently questioning their future plans. Feedback was then given, allowing the students to work on their weak points prior to attending a real interview for college or apprenticeship later this term. The event was organised by Bethan Howe from Cambridge-based careers advisors Form the Future. The feedback from the interviewers was that they were impressed by how well the BVC students performed – their polite manners and passion for their favourite subjects in particular, were flagged up by the professionals. Many thanks to the following individuals who conducted interviews: Bethany Hudson, Mary Steel & Catherine Hay Form the Future Stephen Riches Tribus-D John Biggs John Moore ASSA – Asset and Systems Support Management Ben Robson AstraZeneca/Medimmune Carl Wright  Technical Moves Elisabeth Goodman Riverrhee (Photographed above with Year 11 student Archie Lievesley) The students also had the chance to speak to Principal Vickey Poulter during the day. She held small-group interview sessions with all the Year 11 students, giving them the opportunity to talk about their progress so far and their plans for the future. She said: “I was impressed by how articulate our students are and their maturity in discussing how well supported they are at Bassingbourn. “It was good to have the opportunity to discuss what else…

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