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The history of BVC

Bassingbourn Village College was delighted to be included in The Cambridgeshire Village Colleges Heritage Project delivered by Viva Arts and Community Group. This project garnered personal stories from village colleges across the country, exploring the impact our village colleges had on communities they became a part of.  But did you know that village colleges were a thoroughly Cambridgeshire invention inspired by the poverty within the country almost a century ago? The Village College concept was developed by Henry Morris, who became Secretary of Education for Cambridgeshire in 1922.  At this time there were no separate secondary schools in rural areas and as result children of all ages were taught together in their village schoolhouse, often in one classroom by one teacher.  Morris was determined to change the education across Cambridgeshire.  In 1924 he published his Village College Memorandum that set out how things could be improved by the Village College concept. Morris’ vision was that the village colleges would be schools and community facilities at the same time. They would become focal points in their villages where people of all ages came to learn, to mix, to be entertained and even get babies weighed. Henry Morris didn’t just create village colleges that were big schools – he created community education. Bassingbourn Village College is extremely proud of its history and this project was wonderful to be a part of – did you know we had a school song?  The film created is definitely worth a watch: https://cambsvc.org.uk/film/

Covid-19 important update

We have become aware that a significant number of students from Bassingbourn Village College have tested positive for COVID-19. There is a concern that the meeting up of friendship groups during the Christmas holiday could cause the virus to spread further amongst young people and also into the wider population, including to vulnerable and older people. Cambridgeshire is currently a high alert Tier 2 area with positive cases rapidly rising, with the surrounding counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire being in Tier 4. It is also worth remembering that one in three people who have coronavirus have no symptoms and will be spreading it without realising it. Therefore, to help stop the spread of the virus and to ensure your school is able to open in the New Year, we urge you and your family to follow the rules around hands, face and space, including: hands: wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds face: wear a face-covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet space: stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings) For those in Tier 2, when meeting people you do not live with, it is important to do so outdoors where possible or to make sure that any indoor venue has good ventilation (for example by opening windows so that fresh air can enter). Meeting outdoors (Tier 2)…

Return to school arrangements Spring Term 2021

Arrangements for our return to the Spring Term 2021: Dear parent/carer I am sure you will have seen the most recent announcements by the Government about the staggered start to the beginning of the spring term and the potential rollout of coronavirus testing for secondary schools and colleges. We are still working to fully understand the implications of this but have outlined the most important elements below.   To minimise transmission of the virus following the return of pupils after Christmas, the Government has confirmed that all secondary schools and colleges in England will need to make some changes to the start of term and that the majority of students will remain at home for the first week back.   The school will therefore operate as follows;   4th January 2021           this is a planned staff training day therefore no students will attend school and no work will be set. 5th January 2021           Year 11 students will be in school as normal (except students who are self-isolating or are unwell) Years 7-10 students will remain at home accessing online learning. 11th January 2021         All students will be back in school – They will be having lessons as  normal.   Online Learning: What to Expect   Timetabled lessons as per your child’s normal timetable (we return on a week 1) Lessons will be live and will include some interactive elements Attendance is compulsory ( a register will be taken and non-attendance will be chased) There will be a daily, compulsory tutor time for students with their…

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