Information for Exam Candidates

Post results August 2017





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The Joint Council for Qualifications each year issues information to exam candidates detailing the rules surrounding the production of coursework and controlled assessment. Student should be familiar with these regulations and the penalties if not adhered to.


Information for Candidates - years 10 and 11








Code of Conduct for Internal Exams in Year 8 and 9


In order prepare students for their external exams, in years 10 and 11, we try to replicate the conditions students sit their GCSE exams.

These rules need to be followed during the forthcoming year 8 and 9 exams.

  • Do not bring your school bag, notes, books or any electronic equipment with you into the examination room.
  • Come with all necessary equipment to be able to complete the exam ie. pens (black only please: no gel pens or other coloured ink) pencils, rulers calculators etc.
  • Keep equipment in a clear pencil case.
  • Water in a clear bottle, with no attached labels, may be brought into the exam room. No other drinks are permitted.
  • Once in the exam room do not communicate in any way with another student. Sit facing forward and do not disturb any other student. Do not lend another student your equipment.
  • If you require assistance of any kind raise your hand and an invigilator will come to you. Please do not call out.



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