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Recycling project sorted!

A student-led recycling project has received the backing of the BVC Parents and Friends Association.

Annie Safford, a year 11 student and Head of Luther King, launched an environmental awareness programme across the college as part of her role on the Student Council. Last term saw a number of quizzes take place with information posters placed in classrooms and public areas of the college to reinforce the importance of recycling to students.

Annie said: “I have been working with our subject ambassadors to raise money for recycling bins which are badly needed in the college.

“I think that having recycling bins would be a big step towards making the school much more sustainable and would be greatly appreciated by everyone.”

When the PFA was approached to see if a cash contribution could be made toward the bins, they immediately agreed to buy ALL the bins for the student council – enabling the project to be completed much sooner than expected.

Ann Lynn, acting Chairman of the PFA, said: “We were very impressed by how hard Annie and the rest of the school council have worked to raise awareness of sustainability and recycling in the school. Annie’s request for funding was one which we felt we could whole-heartedly endorse and unanimously agreed to pay for all the bins.”

Vickey Poulter, BVC Principal, added: “We are very grateful to both the school council and to the Parents and Friends Association for their hard work and financial support for this project. I think that Annie in particular should be congratulated for leading this campaign to such a great conclusion.

“The recycling bins will be placed at strategic points around the school for students and staff to use.”

Ms Poulter is photographed (above) with Annie and the new recycling bins.

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