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Interview advice for Year 11s

As they approach the interview season for post-16 choices, Year 11 students were each given a mock interview session to help them prepare for their big day.

The one-to-one interviews were conducted by volunteers from local businesses who spent time with each student, getting to know them and gently questioning their future plans. Feedback was then given, allowing the students to work on their weak points prior to attending a real interview for college or apprenticeship later this term.

The event was organised by Bethan Howe from Cambridge-based careers advisors Form the Future. The feedback from the interviewers was that they were impressed by how well the BVC students performed – their polite manners and passion for their favourite subjects in particular, were flagged up by the professionals.

Many thanks to the following individuals who conducted interviews:

Bethany Hudson, Mary Steel & Catherine Hay Form the Future

Stephen Riches Tribus-D

John Biggs

John Moore ASSA – Asset and Systems Support Management

Ben Robson AstraZeneca/Medimmune

Carl Wright  Technical Moves

Elisabeth Goodman Riverrhee (Photographed above with Year 11 student Archie Lievesley)

The students also had the chance to speak to Principal Vickey Poulter during the day. She held small-group interview sessions with all the Year 11 students, giving them the opportunity to talk about their progress so far and their plans for the future.

She said: “I was impressed by how articulate our students are and their maturity in discussing how well supported they are at Bassingbourn.

“It was good to have the opportunity to discuss what else we can do to help them prepare for their exams. I was really pleased with their work ethic and desire to do well in the summer.

“Working with the Form the Future volunteers was a great experience for our students – one which will hopefully be useful for them as they move forward with their plans for life after Bassingbourn.”

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