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Team building for Year 7

All our year 7 students took part in a team building day at Lambourne End. Despite unfavourable weather, a great time was had by all, new friendships were made and they all returned home wet, muddy and happy.

Trinity Robinson describes the trip:

“It took us about an hour to reach Lambourne End which is an activity centre in Essex with many activities such as crawling through underground tunnels, an obstacle course over water and so much more. I didn’t mind the journey because I slept most of the way there.

“We had been given numbers before we left school – it turns out those were the groups that we had to work in. I was with Mr Brock.

“My favourite activities were the marble run – we each had to get a piece of guttering and set them in a straight line, one under the other, so the marble could travel along it. The aim was to get the marble into a bucket without it falling on the floor. That was for 5 points, however if you managed to go through a tunnel at the same time then you won 15 points. Our team did really well to get 45 points.

“The other activity I enjoyed the most was called Swamp Crossing – we had to get our whole team across a swamp using just five tyres. At first my team wasn’t doing too well, but after a while we thought of a plan and we got across just in time and bagged ourselves 15 points.

“Overall, I think everyone really enjoyed the day out. It was a chance to get to know each other and have a break from our new, tiring secondary school life. A huge thanks to Mrs Nettleton, Ms Poulter, Mr Brock, Miss Price, Mr Bolton, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Cairns and Mrs Lynn who made the trip possible.”


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