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What’s My Line?

Our youngest students had an introduction to the world of employment thanks to a session of What’s My Line.

The question and answer game was organised by careers consultants Form the Future who gathered together volunteers from local organisations and businesses.

Year 7 students had to guess their occupations by asking questions related to education, experience and workplace.  They discovered just what is involved in such diverse careers as a museum curator, scientist, photographer, IT developer and many more.

Mariana Soberon, from Form the Future, said:”The students were all great, they really seemed to enjoy trying to find out what each person did.”

Many thanks to our participants – Lisa Taylor (Mundipharma), Maddie Reynolds (Ion), Jane Dottridge (Mott Macdonald), Will Howat and Jon Large (AstraZeneca), Alison Giles (Burwell museum), Lorna Hurst (RSK) and John Moore (Assam).


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